Saturday, September 5, 2009

do i sound like that?

zach is jumping around, screaming at the TV. its BYUs first game of the season. you could say hes a little bit into it. he's yelling, trash talking, pointing his finger, even getting off the couch, right up in front of the TV, all whilst i sit here contentedly on the love sac. occasionally ill sneak an eye up at him and smirk, thinking he is so strange. i would never do that. would i? so then i took a look back at my own TV faves, some could say LOVES. and then one came to mind. the bachelor. DANGITE. i did the same thing then too i guess. did i look as weird? prolly. oh well. love TIVO and our shows. sorry, no visitors tonight. we'll just be keeping to our quiet selves : )

Monday, November 3, 2008

Meeting Kensignton

abby and tony came to visit, that meant i got to meet my new favorite baby HYDE, Kensington. i swear abby only makes model babies, she's gorgeous even at 3 weeks, and jackson is just getting more and more adorable. love them and am glad they came down to say hi!

Friday, October 31, 2008

my baby daddy....

One of my hidden talents is blog-stalking, just ask my roommates. this is one of the treasures that i found last week...possibly at 3 in the morning...what? nothing!....anyway,its hilarious. this website allows you to 'make a baby' by combining physical attributes of you and a partner, and its absolutely hilarious. (think how to lose a guy in 10 days, or conan's "if they mated") for privacy reasons, i will only show the pict of jason wests and my baby, think how embarassing it would be if all my crushes knew i used my and their picts too. haha. luckily, jason knows he's my fave and thats its not weird, heres what "Jasara" would look like...she even does the braid.

boo...its halloween again.

disclaimer...for those of you who check my blog (oh ye of little faith) i have decided to try this blogging thing again. last time, ironically was the first time, my ambition lasted about..oh....2 hours. haha. fingers crossed, im gonna go at it again. dont get too excited though, because i make no promises as to the frequency of this rare occurence. i'll play catch up later on as to the goings on of all the 'exciting' things in my life......on to more important things...
so its october, its the week of halloween, (did you know that Americans will spend more than $4.95 billion on Halloween?) the time i realize again that i am one of like 5 people in the whole world that DOESNT like halloween at ALL. (its actually 11:45 on halloween actually, a friday night no less, that im home doing this, haha) these are the reasons for my not loving this costume-crazed holiday-i feel SO dumb dressing up. thats the biggest concern. there are a few others but i dont want to turn this into one of those posts where all i do is talk about what i DONT like, so instead ill recap what i DO like about halloween...
1. scary movies (such as hocus pocus and casper)
2. carving pumpkins (eating the seeds)
3. all the candy

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the happy sumo

im baaaack! so what if im graduated from college and working as a server, i LOVE it. i love the restaurant and i love the girls. i woke up thursday morning and was SO excited to get to work, it was honestly like christmas. i was excited to make some more money and to get back with all my good friends there. so heres to another provo summer, mornings spent hiking the Y, hundreds of hours devoted to laying out by the pool, evenings spent relaxing with friends, and to millions of dollars being made at happy.

Miss Hall needs a sub.

so im done!! yay!! i love my kids and the time spent in vegas but im so glad to be done. on the last day of class, i finally gave them my that bad? haha. (they'd been asking about it since day 1) and got home to find about 80 friend requests. anyway, vegas was fun, i've compiled a list of my favorite times i had there.
1. i was able to see a couple of shows, phantom with my parents, so good, and blue man with a friend named brock, which was weird (the show, not him) the whole show i felt like i was in a really strange dream.
2. Big Shot on stratosphere, that was so much fun, even though it was like 2 in the morning.
3. the gorgeous, and now i know my way around most of them.
4. the strip was always so busy and there are SO many people, almost too many to "people watch" a past time i find so entertaining.
5. cafe rio, thats right folks, they opened one right around the corner from my house, and i made it almost a weekly ritual.
6. the location! because i have friends and family in neighboring utah and california i was able to see them almost weekly. whether friends came from utah, or i drove down to PV to hang out with grandma and grandpa, the weeks flew by cuz i was always looking forward to the weekend.
7. the weather...for the first time in 4 years i wasnt scraping inches of ice off my windshield or walking to school in arctic conditions. i would come home from school, kick off my heels, and run around in my flip flops. i may or may not have frequently left the house in shorts and a wife beater. haha.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

so bugged.

i am so bugged! ive been reading all of these great blogs this weekend, and ive seen such cute backgrounds and colors and pictures, and its really driving me crazy that i've GOOGLED like everything possible to try to find some cute ones of my own and i cant. let me know where all these great backgrounds are coming from! i feel like its the ultimate bloggers secret. like everyone has such BLOG PRIDE that they dont want to let me in on their little secrets. im new here! play nice. anyone that knows me has seen my crafty side, and this is driving me crazy. im naturally very creative, and without a cute background and colors im not giving this blog to anyone. i just want to show off my marthastewartness. hmph.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hope You Brought Your Recommend...

so its the week after idaho, and im bored out of my mind. luckily cory was around to entertain me with some shiny things. the lights were fun, but just goofing around was even better. and cory, we couldnt have done it all without the tri-pod. so thank you. and to the choir, keep practicing.